I do not smoke marijuana,that is why I think it’s important to speak up. Too often people or organizations have too much self-interest in a fight to make the fight credible. My only interest is sanity. More after the jump.

Here’s some facts.

*Marijuana is no worse than beer or wine.

*Marijuana helps with some medical issues.

*Marijuana properly taxed and regulated could help shake the U.S. out of its economic funk.

*Far too many Americans have been treated as criminals and imprisoned because they relax with a natural substance.

*Prohibition does not work, it only encourages criminal enterprises.

Here’s my idea.

On 420, instead of smoking out and doing nothing, everyone should draft and/or send a simple email to the legislator(s) of their choice. That’s all, just a simple email that can be copied into the in box of the people who want your vote. If enough emails are sent, the demand can’t be ignored and if it is, we’ll vote in someone who will respond to our wishes.

I don’t want to raise any funds, I don’t want to run an organization, and I don’t want to defend my position. I just want my point of view heard. If you agree, copy the above paragraph to your Facebook status and have your friends do the same. Then we’ll all research who we need to send emails to on 420. Right now, we just need to get people ready to stand up for themselves on 420. We can be the first people to change public policy through Facebook. All we need is the power of cut and paste. Maybe one of you can even set up a page for this event if you have time. Think about it, we could at least get some change started in less than 30 days.


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