Going to play a little disc golf eh? I know what you people are really up to in Wichita Falls.

So yesterday, I saw a bunch of my friends sharing this article from The Bablyon Bee and I had no idea why. It's called Newbie Disc Golfer Not Even High. I had no idea why everyone was sharing it and then I realized it was about a guy here in Wichita Falls. I do want to stop here and note that I am aware that the Babylon Bee is a satire site. So this story is not real, but it is funny that they randomly picked our city out for the story.


I highly encourage you give it a read in the link above talking about the supposed "fertilizer" smell at one of our Wichita Falls disc golf courses. I am curious to note why the author picked Wichita Falls for the story. It is pretty funny that they did especially since we just did a story on the upgrades to our disc golf courses in Wichita Falls. You can check that out at the bottom of this post if you want more info on disc golf in our area.


I am happy to report that people in Wichita Falls are sharing these fake stories and not the awful ones from a few years ago. Like the next Star Wars movie is being shot in Wichita Falls, Bruce Willis moving to Burkburnett, or Lady Gaga moving to Wichita Falls. I hated having to write stories telling people they were morons for falling for this crap.

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Send me funny satire pieces like this one, not the obviously fake celebrity crap mentioned above.

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