Well today is the day, happy 420! If you're planning on celebrating and partaking of the green grass in any form be responsible and safe. You can't enjoy the holiday, if you want to call it that, in a cage for DUI. So whatever you do, don't get behind the wheel if you've been smoking, vaping or ingesting marijuana or it could cost you. With today being 420 the officially unofficial National cannabis culture day it would be a good time to discuss the do's and don't and get some instruction pre-flight on what to do if you're too high on weed. 

Luckily there's an educational and informative video thanks to the folks at Lifehacker YouTube channel that goes into great depths and detail about this subject. Let's face it, it could happen to anyone, from first timers to seasoned vets. For most of us we've been there at one time or another. It's a question that's plagued mankind since the very beginning. Or at least the first time someone lit up or chewed and swallowed the ganja. What do you do if you're too high on weed? It's a bigger problem that you may think and millions, or maybe just thousands of Americans struggle with this predicament each year. More like every day, week and month. Like I said it's a puzzling question and one that needs to be answered.

The video makes good sense and short work of the "what to do if you're too high on weed" question. I would strongly suggest that you book mark this as chances are you won't remember it when the time comes and you need answers. Kind of an "in case of emergency break glass" type thing. Plus it'll make a lot more sense if you're high, at least I'm pretty sure it will. Either way it's important that you know you're not alone, a lot of people have crossed the too high line and all have returned to tell the tale. Some of the sage advise and highlights from the video that can help you out if you're too high on weed include: getting some fresh air, staying hydrated, make some lemonade, grind some pepper, watch TV and of course the old phone a friend.

So there you go. If you happen to get too high and need some assistance, or maybe just a little reassurance that everything's gonna be okay and that you're okay you can always watch the video again and again and again...Just loop it, kick back, relax and enjoy!

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