If you're in the market for a home and don't mind getting your hands dirty. This house can be yours.

When you go see a house, you expect it to be somewhat clean. When the house is left a mess, you can expect a discount on the property. Paul Gomberg says this is currently the filthiest home on the market in the Houston area and I can believe it. According to Paul, the previous owners had 12 dogs, six cats, and a pot-bellied pig. That's enough for your own farm, but apparently they were running lose in this house.

One room upstairs, we're gonna call the poop room. No, it's not a bathroom. It's a play room that is going to need new carpets and a lot of air freshener. The one bathroom also looks like the Coca-Cola brewery, somebody loved their soda.

The listing price is $125,000. Which seems insane to me. A house in that area, according to Gomberg, goes from anywhere from $225,000 or $230,000. So if you wanted to do a quick flip and make some cash, head on down to Houston. Just get ready to pick up a lot of crap.