How freaking cool would this house be?!

So I'm a single guy, so this house would be PERFECT for me. Probably not the best place for a big family. Maybe you and a significant other? Good to go. Up in Tulsa, people are freaking out about 415 North 65th West Avenue being for sale. Mainly for the fact it looks like George Jetson built the place or if it's some kind of UFO spacecraft.

I think the house itself needs some upgrades and being built in 2005. It looks like it's from the 90's in parts of it. It needs some upgrades in the spare bathroom in my opinion. It does have a working elevator and you can't beat that view. Imagine having all the blinds open and waking up to that view every morning. It actually looks quite beautiful with all the trees.

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I love the ceiling with a giant fan to help cool the whole place down. The asking price is $415,000. The house is definitely unique and I don't think the price is outragous for Tulsa and this area. You're buying more than a 2 bedroom house with three bathrooms for this.


You're buying the house for the gimmick of living in a spaceship. As someone who loves gimmick crap like this. I maybe seeing you later Wichita Falls and calling Tulsa my new home. Just need to make some more money first, get a new job so I can afford the mortgage and then we will be good to go. Since 'The Jetsons' is set in 2062, that will be when I can probably make that happen.

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