If you're looking at the most expensive homes in Texoma, this is the top one. My first thought, really?

If you're interested in a new home, a lot of people search online nowadays. Zillow is one of the biggest and I decided to put in Wichita Falls to see what the most expensive house in our area was. Turns out the most expensive property is NINE MILLION Dollars, holy crap.

This house better come with a butler and his wage is already included in that price if I am paying nine million dollars. I was shocked to see actually a very moderate house when I clicked the listing. Nothing wrong with the house, just sort of small for nine million bucks. The house is located just in between Henrietta and Jolly.

You wouldn't be buying this place for the home. It is a working ranch. The property sits on just under five thousand acres. Ok, now we're seeing where this money is going. it has 12 pastures with grass traps. It has its own roadway throughout the property. Two pens and an awesome windmill.

If you're interested, you can get more info if you have nine million bucks lying around. I do not, so I will just browse all these million dollar homes from a distance behind my computer.

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