There's one bunny in the U.K. who's ready to say "Mama, I'm coming home" to the right family. Furry little Ozzy has been up for adoption at the RSPCA Hillfield Animal Shelter in Burton (a town in Staffordshire, England) for a few months and is still looking for the perfect companion for his next encore in life.

With deep black circles around his eyes, Ozzy's got the stage look to match his namesake and his demeanor seems to fit too. Described as a "cross-breed" male rabbit that's a year old and with white-and-grey fur, he's a little particular about his wants.

His adoption "rider" states he "would need to stay with experienced rabbit owners" and "he would also need to be housed in a large area with plenty of toys," per Staffordshire Live. The shelter further notes, "Ozzy would love to live in XL housing that is chock full of exciting enrichment, and space for him to binky, bop & play all day long."

Really though, when you're named after the Prince of Darkness, should we be surprised he likes the finer things? Though there's no word if bunny Ozzy also likes to nibble on bats or just prefers regular carrots.

Ozzy the bunny, ozzy osbourne
RSPCA Burton

The shelter also shared more about bunny Ozzy's story with the paper, stating, "He came into our care via an inspector due to no fault of his own. Ozzy is rambunctious, inquisitive and quirky on the ground. He loves nothing more than to chin and scent mark anything and everything he comes across, he is a high energy rabbit and rarely stops, 'he may be crazy but that's how it goes'."

More info about Ozzy can be found on the shelter's website and any interested adopters can fill out an application to be considered. If you don't live in the U.K., there's some pretty good Cyber Monday deals on airfare, just saying.

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