Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford has announced a new band, called 7D7D, and released a new single, "Capitalism." Commerford links up with past collaborators Mathias Wakrat (drummer) and Jonny Polonsky (guitarist) for the alt-rock project.

Based on the what we're hearing from "Capitalism," 7D7D not only has something to say but it'll be something you can dance to as well. The track begins with Wakrat's funky yet frenetic drum pattern. It creates tension and a sense of unease. Commerford's bassline and vocals kick in shortly after, with contradictory lyrics.

While his voice sounds positive, the message highlighting the inequities between the the have vs. have nots is, "No matter where I am / I'm in hell." Polonsky shifts back and forth from tight, searing riffs, to choppy rhythm guitar throughout. Captions from the song's lyrics interspersed with images of the rich and poor punctuate the video. Stream "Capitalism" below.

Commerford, who takes the lead vocals in 7D7D, has previously worked with Wakrat through his namesake's band (Wakrat). Commerford described Wakrat in 2015 as "unapologetic, unrelenting, unbridled and uncensored. Understood?" Commerford worked with Polonsky in the short-lived band Big Nose (that also had Brad Wilk from RATM.) Polonsky has also been active in Maynard James Keenan's not-Tool-bands, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.

Commerford's 7D7D comes at a bittersweet time for Rage Against the Machine. Although coming off a series of powerful and well received shows after a decade of not touring, RATM were forced to cancel both their European and North American dates in 2023 because of a torn achilles tendon injury to frontman Zack de la Rocha.

Perhaps this can help bridge the gap while de la Rocha recovers. 7D7D has Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, but none point to a release date of an upcoming full length album or tour. You can watch 7D7D, on Mad Bunny Records, shake it up with "Capitalism" below.

Tim Commerford of Rage Against the Machine's new band 7D7D with "Capitalism"

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