Money had gone missing from the campus and it looks like someone stole their mom's keys.

Back in October, Wichita Falls police were investigating an incident of $1,400 missing from the Bridwell building. Police found fingerprints on the cash box where the money was stored in. Those fingerprints belonged to Abby Lee Debois, her mother is a professor at Midwestern State University.

Police interviewed Abby and she admitted to police that she began taking her mother's keys back in July. At the time she was using them just to get into her mom's office for her prescription drugs. After that, she started searching in other desks. She found a cash box in October and only took $80 to buy some drugs.

Later that night, she returned for the other $1,300 in the cash box. She says some of that money was used to buy more drugs. The rest was lost on a casino trip. Abby Lee Debois has been charged with burglary according to KFDX.

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