Do you remember this lady last year? Looks like she has accepted a plea deal.

Last summer we showed you this video from Debra Hamil. Up in Cashion, Oklahoma she was driving around with a smashed up truck bed. None of her rear lights were working and she was pulled over for a traffic violation. The officer wrote her a ticket and she refused to sign and then drove off.

The officer followed her and got her out of her truck after refusing to listen to his orders. Mrs. Hamil then began kicking the officer so he tased her after she refused to put her hands behind her back. A lawyer for Mrs. Hamil released the following statement on the arrest.

“The actions of the Cashion Police Department on July 16 were egregious and unnecessary.  The thought that a 65 year old woman, known to the community as the grandmother of two boys lost in the 2012 Piedmont Tornado, needed to be tased and arrested for not signing a ticket offends common notions of decency.  The people of Cashion and the State of Oklahoma are no safer because of the actions of Officer Missinne.  His unnecessary escalation and use of force served no purpose other than to torment and embarrass Ms. Hamil.  We are exploring all legal actions which may be taken to vindicate Ms. Hamil’s civil rights.”

She was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting an officer, obstructing an officer, eluding an officer, and operating a vehicle with defective equipment. If she just would have taken the ticket, she would have only been charged for operating a vehicle with defective equipment which is around $80.

Just over a year later, Hamil pleaded guilty to resisting an officer, obstruction, eluding, and operating a vehicle with defective equipment. All of those charges are misdemeanors.As a result, the state agreed to dismiss the assault and battery charge. Hamil received a four-year deferred sentence and will have to pay a $50 fine on each count.

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