A kid is extremely upset after his prized show pig was sent off to slaughter.

Over in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, William Covey decided to put his pig into the Sand Springs agricultural barn for a recent show. When he came back to retrieve his pig, it was gone. Someone at the barn informed William that his pig was taken to slaughter. Apparently what happens at these shows is that students inform the barn what they plan to do with the animal afterwards.

Most of the time, the student comes and picks up the animal. The student then breeds the animal and can usually get more money since the mother or father had been in a show. William said he was planning to breed the big to the people that work the barn, he never said that he was going to slaughter the animal. Well, a parent messed up and took William's pig to be killed.

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Sadly, it wasn't like they had just loaded up the pig and they could stop the truck. The deed was done by the time William found out. The parent who accidentally loaded William's pig is willing to pay double what the pig was worth. The Future Farmers of America told him this was an honest mistake that rarely happens.

"I've talked to probably 15 Ag(ricultural) teachers in Oklahoma, and including Texas, and they all said it's never happened on their FFA farms, barns or anywhere that they heard," Covey said. Covey is upset and left wondering if he will get what he said the show pig is worth. He hopes no one experiences the pain he’s feeling.

Hopefully some sort of double check is done for all future events to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

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