I personally think this is a good idea. We will see if Oklahoma decides to adopt it.

Senator Cody Rodgers a Republican from Tulsa has just filed Senate Bill 1109. This would require local police departments in the state to use clearly marked vehicles. For instance in the video below, this is a unmarked Ford Fusion. Just driving by, you would have no idea this was a cop.

When those red and blue lights come on, you know who's behind you now. The reason that Senator Rodgers wants to get rid of these is because people believe these cars are just revenue generators for the state. Also people don't really know if the person driving is a cop. Yes, it is illegal to drive around with red and blue lights on. However, a citizen could install them if they wanted.

The video above is a funny instance about this happening when someone with those lights actually pulled over actual police officers. You can look up several instances of folks using these lights to impersonate police officers. Senator Rodgers Bill wants to make it clear that you know this is an official police car pulling you over.


“The concern is that these vehicles are being used for revenue generation as opposed to tools for public safety on our roads,” Rogers said in a press release. “I’ve heard from many constituents who have had encounters with law enforcement and had no way of identifying their vehicles or if they were even actual officers at all.”

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“People tend to pay more attention and have better driving habits when marked police cars are around,” Rogers said. “If we’re concerned about public safety, then we should get more of those vehicles out there.” I agree with him 100%. We will see if this passes, but I am sure it will have some push back in the state.

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