Did he need to do all of this stuff? No, but it was an amazing gesture that helped this lady sleep well knowing she was gonna be all right. 

We all know about the insane weather we had in Texoma this past weekend. Rowlett unfortunately saw the worst part of the storm with a tornado touching down. We also had the ice and snow come in the next day. The ice also hit our neighbors to the north in Oklahoma City.

Ms. Ross an 80-year-old woman who lives by herself was worried her power was going to go out due to the ice. The ice and wind did leave thousands without power. So Mrs. Ross did have reason to worry. She was able to call the cops, before her power went out, and ask for some help.

Sgt. Wilner LaGuerre decided to go to Ms. Ross' home to make sure she was OK. Sgt. LaGuerre talked with the woman and tried to reassure her that she would be ok until the power returned.However, the woman was still upset and concerned that her cordless phone would not work during the power outage.

Ms. Ross was nervous she wouldn't be able to call for help if the power were to go out. Sgt. LaGuerre then went to a local store and bought the woman a land-line phone she could use in case of a power outage. He even brought the woman a working flashlight, candles and matches.

I would like to thank Sgt. LaGuerre for what he did. He didn't need to do these things, but it helped this lady out who was scared she was gonna be alone in the dark.