Looks like a local area winery will be opening up a new location just south of us in Grapevine.

Texoma Winery Getting Another Tasting Room

Wichita Falls is home to some great wine. In downtown Wichita Falls, we have three great places all within a few blocks of each other. One of those is OG Cellars, which technically has their actual winery just a short drive outside of Wichita Falls in Sunset, Texas. However, they just announced that they plan to expand even further in the near future.

OG Cellars Grapevine Tasting Room Announcement

OG Cellars just announced another wine tasting room, similar to what we have in downtown Wichita Falls at The Holt. Not a lot of details are currently know. We know it will be located across the street from the Hotel Vin in Grapevine and also they plan to open at the end of the summer.

View of Hotel Vin in Grapevine, Texas

OG Cellars should have a pretty great view from what I am seeing in this area. A lot of construction is going on, but it looks like OG made the right call in getting in on a piece of developing area in North Texas. Best of luck at the new location and hopefully this one, plus ours in Wichita Falls are open for many years to come.

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