After a couple years in captivity, this little guy only had one dream. Return to the ocean he once called home.

It's basically a real life 'Finding Nemo' story, except with an octopus instead of the little fish guy.

It all started back in 2014 when a fisherman caught the octopus who would become Inky and donated him to the New Zealand National Aquarium.

Well Inky disappeared a little while back and they're just now figuring out how he managed to pull off his great escape.

Apparently he managed to squeeze through a little crack at the top of his tank and from there managed to find his way to a 6-inch drain pipe.

After squeezing into the pipe and following it for about 165 feet, Inky finally returned to the ocean.

According to a spokesman for the aquarium, Inky was pretty popular and will be missed. But most people can be happy that he finally found his way home.