After years of having every little move watched and criticized, President Obama has finally slipped up and revealed his real identity!

Apparently, Obama likes soccer. Not only does he like to play, but he's so good he managed to make the English national team which is currently competing in the World Cup in Brazil.

Using the name Chris Smalling, Obama has managed to infiltrate and fool not one, but two entire nations with his secret life (Not really).

Okay, so maybe Obama isn't really sneaking around to play soccer in England, but it sure looked that way after his face appeared on a set of coffee mugs featuring the English soccer team.

One company over in the U.K. was tasked with making a set of coffee mugs with each one having a different player's face from the English national team on it, and it wasn't until after they had printed and shipped the mugs that they realized their mistake.

Somebody who had been put in charge of finding pictures of the players decided he was going to rush the job and went straight to Google to find a picture of soccer player Chris Smalling, who may bear a slight resemblance to our President.

Well one of the first pictures that popped up on Google was a picture of Obama, and the employee, who must be locked in a room with very limited contact with the outside world, decided that that was the player he was looking for and used the picture.

So the coffee mugs ended up being printed and shipped off before anyone noticed that the President of the United States was playing soccer for England.

And now we all know what the President has really been hiding all these years and it's not his birth certificate, it's his secret life as a English soccer player.

How could we have not noticed? Oh yeah, soccer is boring and no one watches it regularly here in the States. Touché Obama.

Grab you Obama coffee cup here, it's sure to be a collector's item one day.

President Obama and Chris Smalling
Getty Images

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