Get ready to see some changes at one of our premiere venues in North Texas next year.

180 Million Dollar Upgrade Coming Soon

Not even two decades old and AT&T Stadium is about get an overhaul. Love or hate Jerry Jones he's always trying to attract all sorts of entertainment opportunities to his premiere NFL venue and right now his eyes are on football. Well the other football, we call it soccer in America.

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World Cup 2026

In case you were unaware, the next World Cup will be hosted by three North American countries. Games will be taking place in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Twelve venues across those countries will be hosting games. Here in the United States our NFL stadiums will be hosting the games. This includes Kansas City, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, and here in Texas over in Arlington.

World Cup Final?

As of right now, we have no idea who will be hosting the championship game and obviously EVERY venue wants to get this game. It's one of the biggest sporting events when it comes around and it looks like Jerry Jones wants to host this thing here in Texas so he plans on luring folks with a 180 million dollar upgrade to AT&T Stadium.

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What Changes Will You Be Seeing?

Starting in January 2024, the club level and premium suites will be overhauled. In case you are unaware. This means the lower bowl of the stadium between each 25 yard line and the entire second level is the club. Suites are scattered on the field level, end zones, and the second floor as well.

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New Video Board?

You can't miss it when you go to any event here the GIANT screen hanging over the field.That is going to be upgraded at some point before July of 2025. I don't exactly know if a brand new board has to go in or if somehow you can just upgrade the technology in the board itself. That is apparently coming after the suites and club level get upgraded.

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More Concessions and Gift Shops

Apparently a part of this plan are new locations for concessions and gift shops. I have attended many Dallas Cowboys games here and have no idea where you could put more of this stuff, but Jerry will find a way to make sure more revenue is coming in. We will wait and see what happens to the new AT&T Stadium. The plan is to have this all completed before the 2025 Cowboys season kicks off and hopefully this lures FIFA to Arlington for the World Cup Final.

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