Is President Obama working with humanoid lizard alien shape-shifters to take over the world? Probably not, but its fun to pretend so and crazy to see all the conspiracy theories that people believe in. I've spent probably the last hour searching Youtube for more crazy videos about what people believe in. And this is one thing I shouldn't be doing.

There are so many videos out there about aliens and UFOs that I could spend an entire week watching and still not see half of them. I find it hard to believe some of it, like you know when you see somebody blink a couple times so you just assume that they are alien shape-shifters? There's a bunch of videos like that out there, but my favorite would have to be the first video I found.

It's about one of President Obama's speeches and according to the video, there is a secret service agent that just doesn't look right, and luckily, the Israeli cameras caught the man in the back of the room "shape-shifting." Now the video is pretty crazy and I'm not saying that I am completely on board with this idea, but this video was a little more believable to me than most of the other ones I've watched today, or maybe I'm just going crazy.

And just so you have even more reasons to waste time at work by watching videos, I added a police camera footage of a traffic stop were the policeman is attacked by an alien! I think that there is a small chance that this one might be fake though. But you be the judge and let us know what you think in the comment section below. And remember to be on the look out for those pesky humanoid reptilian alien shape-shifters that like to blink cause you never know where one might pop up!

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