We have all heard of those epic college parties and UNT had a big one this weekend. The Fire Marshall would definitely not approve of it though. 

The Ridge at North Texas is an apartment complex near the university. This past weekend it was homecoming at UNT and that means it is time to party. Abiola Busari is a junior at UNT and was hosting a homecoming party at her apartment and this party was nuts.

People were packed in there shoulder to shoulder. Everyone is having a good time jumping to the music when all of the sudden. Everyone fell through the floor. The weight of everyone in the apartment, along with everyone jumping up and down caused the collapse. Students said only thirty people were in the apartment, but it looks like a lot more to me.

Thankfully the students who lived below were not home at the time of the incident or this story would have been very dark to write.

The owners of the ridge released a statement on the incident, “In the process of making alternate housing arrangements for those students, a local university offered help as well to provide alternate arrangements. The Ridge is also arranging with structural engineers to assess the situation.”

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