Saint Patrick’s Day is next week, and I’ll be completely honest.  I’m not exactly sure what I’m celebrating. All I know is that the holiday is the perfect excuse to go drinking, and bar hopping downtown with my friends.   Like most Texans, I can easily rack up a pretty big bar tab when I go out on St. Patrick’s Day.

Earlier this week, Time2Play come out with a new study on which state drinks the most on St. Patrick’s Day.  They surveyed over 1,500 adults in all 50 states, and asked them how many drinks they consume on St. Patrick’s Day, what type of beverage that they order, and how much they usually spend on those drinks during the festivities.  Around 75% of those surveyed drank beer during the holiday, followed by mixed drinks, whiskey, vodka, and wine.

While Texas didn’t come in first place, it ranked pretty high up on the list when it comes to spending money on alcoholic beverages during St. Patrick’s Day.  In fact, Texas came in 6th place out of all 50 states.  According to the survey, during the festivities next week, most Texans will consume an average of 3 drinks, and spend around $50 per person on those beverages.

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The Lone Star State wasn’t the biggest spender on booze though.  On St. Patrick’s Day, New Jersey is the thirstiest state in the nation. The Garden State came in first place, spending $7 more than Texas on booze.   Most residents there, will spend around $57 on alcohol during the festivities this year.  Like most Texans, most people in New Jersey will consume around 3 drinks.

Not every state parties hard during St. Patrick’s Day though.  Idaho came in dead last place, when it comes to spending money on alcohol. Residents there are only expected to drink one or two beverages, and spend an average of $17.50 on booze during the festivities.  People in Nebraska aren’t big drinkers either.  While Nebraska spends around $29 on booze, they consume an average of 0.78 alcohol beverages, meaning that on St. Patrick’s Day many people don’t even finish their beer at the bar.

Remember that if you do decide to dress up in your favorite green outfit, and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to please drink responsibly.  If you’re going out to the pubs, please don’t drink and drive, and order an Uber or a cab to get around town.  We don’t want a fun holiday celebration to have a tragic ending.

You can check out the full detailed survey from Time2Play yourself, by clicking here.

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