This probably didn't go as planned for the person that called 911.

Over in Carrolton, Texas, police received a call about a noise complaint. When officers arrived, there was a band playing in the backyard of the residence. Turns out, it was a graduation party and man was it a party. The homeowner allowed the officers into the backyard and they actually danced for a little bit.

The body cam shows the party and man did they have everything. Several tables of food and tons of people are at this place. Since the band wasn't using any amplification devices for the music and it was during the day, they let the party go on. They told everyone to be safe and they went about their day.

Also, to whoever called 911, let this girl celebrate her graduation for a few hours. If it was 2 in the morning, fine. This is clearly in the afternoon, let these people have some fun.


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