Hopefully, this thing doesn't come equipped with tiny deep fryers to turn the chickens into delicious honey butter chicken biscuits.

Over in Fort Worth, a small farm has got the Whatachicken. It is not some new restaurant from Whataburger that sells exclusively chicken things. It is a chicken coop made by Trisha Ruiz's husband. When she moved to the country, she wanted to live within ten minutes of a Whataburger and have a chicken coop. Her husband got her both. The Whatachicken was born from that.

Trisha currently has fifteen chickens and they even have cute Whataburger bowties. I mean, the chickens can't show up to work, not in uniform. The chickens have names like Meatloaf, Tater Tot, Bluebell, Chewbacca and Greazy Grizz. How is one of them not named Honey? Seriously, you next employee of the month needs to be named Honey.

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