If you're always try to find one of the best meals in Texas. Be sure you add this one to your list.

New York Times Best American Dishes for 2023

Every year the New York Times puts out a list for the best dishes of the year. 23 different dishes made the list this year and two of them are right here in Texas. Let's start with the one I would be most excited to try and it's over in San Antonio.

Brisket Tacos at Garcia's Mexican Food

“A juicy, crisp-edged slab of brisket, a blanket-soft tortilla, some pico de gallo — when the basics are executed this well, there’s no need for any other adornments,” writer Priya Krishna said. Sign me the hell up for this. Sounds simple and tasty. Our next restaurant in Texas looks like it's on the more fancier side of things.

Free-Range Bison with Wine Poached Pear and Demi-Glace at Cochineal

Over in Marfa, Texas you will find Cochineal. Judging from their website, they have no prices (except on sides and appetizers). So don't be shocked when that bill shows up if you try this place out. New York Times writer Brett Anderson said it was worth the day long drive to eat it. Since we're having fun, why not do the one Oklahoma restaurant that was mentioned on the list.

Chicken Fried Steak at Reba's Place (Sorry No Photo for this One)

That Reba would be country superstar Reba McEntire. Her restaurant in Atoka, Oklahoma is primarily known for being a live music venue, but apparently has some damn good food as well. New York Times writer Priya Krishna said, "It has an appropriately high ratio of heavily seasoned crust to meat, a slightly sweet gravy to balance and, unlike many versions of the dish, you can actually taste the flavor of the steak."

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Who would have known that Reba McEntire's restaurant has some of the best chicken fried steaks in Oklahoma. If you have been to any of these places let me know. I would like to get a first hand review from one of you.

Highest Rated Restaurants in Texas on the Food Network

All info taken from TV Food Maps, if you have a problem with the score as always don't shoot the messenger. You can get a full breakdown from them here. Let's get ready to chow down Texas style.

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Check Out the Brand New Cabins at The Big Texan in Amarillo

Did you know just up the road from the famous Big Texan Steakhouse with the free 72 oz steak, they have a RV Park? They just upgraded their cabins and here is what they look like.

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