Yes, I am aware they're now the Pelicans. When this took place they were still the Hornets. Now, that's out of the way check out why Mark Cuban is one of the coolest owners in sports.

I love my Dallas Mavericks, it may be an obsession because I let you guys pick out my Dallas Mavericks tattoo. I have high hopes for the team this year and I am hoping they can make another run at a championship. The year they won the championship an interesting statement was made by security guard in New Orleans.

It was really early in the season when the Mavericks were just 6-2 and a security guard named Andre Menzies made a bold prediction to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. According to Cuban, “When we came here that year he goes, ‘You’re going to win the championship. I already know it, I’m positive of it.'

"It was early in the season, and he goes, ‘If you win, do I get a ring?’ I said, ‘If we win, you’ll get a ring.’ ” Mark Cuban kept his promise when the Mavericks won the championship. Andre got his ring the same week the Mavericks got theirs. Andre says he only wears the ring when the Mavericks come into town. This is not some replica knockoff either, it is the same ring the Mavericks players got. Hopefully Andre can make another bold prediction for the Mavericks this year?