I am sure some of you thought I would back out of Tat a Mav on Stryker if the My Little Pony logo won. Hell no, I let the BuzzHeads pick it out and you can see how it looks in the video above.

A couple of weeks ago I told you guys I wanted to show my Dallas Mavericks loyalty. So I put five different logos on our website and told you guys to vote on which one I should get permanently tattooed on my body. Well you guys, there was an overwhelming response for the My Little Pony logo. Thanks guys, now I am Brony for life.

Thanks to the guys at Designmasters tattoo studio for hooking this up for us. If you need some tattoo work done in Wichita Falls they do some amazing work. They're right off Sheppard Access Road and you can't miss the huge Designmasters sign. The person next to me was getting a very beautiful Marilyn Monroe portrait done, so feel free to go in and check out some of their work.

Side note, put all of your life savings on the Dallas Mavericks to win the championship this year. I am calling it like Jason Terry did that one year by getting the trophy tattooed on his arm. With my little pony on our side we can't lose.

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