Keith Lee might just be the first person from Wichita Falls to get their own official action figure.

Yeah, we cover a lot of Keith Lee since he signed with the WWE. We're just proud of Limitless and bask in the glory of the most famous pro wrestler from Wichita Falls since Skandor Akbar. Plus, its a big deal when a hometown boy gets his own action figure released in stores nationwide, and shirts on the biggest online wrestling store in the world.

Not only did Lee get his first WWE action figure with Mattel's WWE series 104, he's one of only a few superstars in the history of the toy line to get a special Chase variant:


WWE Shop has also announced a new T-shirt on Facebook this week, inviting fans to join the "Limitless Leegion":


If you're looking to make your action figure collection Limitless, you can keep an eye out for Lee's Mattel figure at Walmart or Target, or order it online through Ringside Collectibles.

The Limitless Leegion shirt is available through WWE Shop, and as of the posting of this article, is on sale for $18.