Doesn’t it feel good to have live sports back?

Even though the options are few, it’s nice to watch a sporting event and not know the outcome. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched plenty of classic games during the pandemic (Nolan Ryan’s 7th no-hitter is a thing of beauty), but the excitement of hoping your team comes out on top is why we watch.

We currently only have UFC and NASCAR to choose from as far as live sports here in the U.S. as both recently resumed operations without fans. Other than that, there’s the German Football league, Bundesliga, and the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO).

Using trends software to analyze geotagged twitter data, the guys at figured out what live sports people in each state were watching most. Not surprisingly, most of us in Texas are tuning in for NASCAR. (I’m in the majority on this one, by the way – NASCAR has provided this sports nut with a breath of fresh air.) And as you might figure, NASCAR dominates most of the south during COVID-19 and is the most popular overall in the U.S.

Several states are tuning in for UFC, making it the second-most watched live sport in the U.S. at the moment. But there also eleven states that are watching Bundesliga, which puts it at the third most-watched in the nation. Finally, there are currently eight states getting their baseball fix with the KBO.

Take a look at the full results of the study right here.

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