Who’s down for a Christmas kegger?

Ordinarily, I stay away from writing about anything related to Christmas until December, but I need to share this one with you ASAP, lest you get left out. Because you know these are going to be limited to a very small quantity.

For those of us who like to knock a few back on Christmas Day, Miller Lite just rolled out the new Christmas Tree Keg Stand. Not that I would wait for Christmas Day to enjoy that bad boy. In fact, I would probably put the tree up in September.

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Who the hell am I kidding? I’d never take the tree down.

Now, I’m not someone who is typically down for keg stands. I like to enjoy my beer (not to mention the fact that I can’t relax my throat). But I know there are those who believe no kegger is complete without a few keg stands, so I’m not sure how they’ll feel about Miller Lite’s latest creation, because it doesn’t look very keg stand-friendly, despite its name.

Anyway, that handy dandy little doodad goes on sale Thursday, November 10 and will set you back $50, according to Fox Business. The stand fits about a quarter keg of Miller Lite. You can pair the keg stand up with trees up to 5 feet tall.

Go ahead and get signed up here so you can be among the first to know when sales go live.

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