Well, technically they are protein, right?

This video was shot earlier today at a check-out lane in the Lawrence Rd. Walmart.

According to the person who shot the video and sent it to us, the cashier was asked to notify a manager, but the manager was unavailable. An older gentleman named Bill came by to address the situation. Without a word, not even an apology, Bill quickly took the one can of bean dip straight to the back. The cashier however was apologetic for the situation.

According to an employee of Walmart, Frito Lay stocks their products themselves at Walmart. When we called Walmart for a statement, the manager we spoke with on the phone said they had no comment and quickly hung up.

So how would you have reacted to the sight of maggots crawling out of your food? What's the grossest thing you've seen like this? Leave a comment.

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