Here's your warning: if you're eating, stop.

In this video from last year, a woman with an infected tattoo has an insane amount of some brown liquid come out of her back when a doctor squeezes the troubled area.

Like the presumed ink that caused the problem, the video isn't the highest quality and for that you should actually be thankful because you still manage to see how vile this truly is.

If you thought the worst thing that can happen to a tattoo is when it's spelled "Momm," you break up with the girl whose name you got splashed across your arm or it ends up on Mike Tyson's face, then you'll surely think again after making it through this gruesome clip.

And if you are thinking about getting a tat, we highly recommend you do watch this, as well as making sure of the following:

  • make sure the tattoo artist is not epileptic
  • confirm the tattoo parlor is not located in an alley
  • seriously reconsider getting something other than "Kim and Kanye Forever"

Follow this advice and your ink will look better than Jennifer Lawrence parading down the red carpet.

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