Just a day later and this thing will not be going through.

Yesterday, I told you about Oklahoma Senators Nathan Damn and Marty Quinn proposing a bill for next year. It would change a thirteen mile stretch of Route 66 in Oklahoma to President Donald J. Trump Highway. Not even 24 hours later and they will be backing out of proposing this next year.

One of those groups that has been quite vocal is the Oklahoma Route 66 Association who is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Route 66. They say, calling it anything but the Historic Route 66 could cause confusion. Their full statement can be read below.

“The Oklahoma Route 66 Association supports the historic designation of Route 66. The history of the road covers nearly a century of progress through all manner of social circumstances. The diversity of its 2,400 miles through eight states allows people all over the world to make the journey their own. The Route 66 shield itself has become one of the most iconic symbols in the world, appearing throughout Europe, Asia, and other points around the globe. Officially calling the road anything other than Historic Route 66 adds confusion and dilutes the uniquely American experience that the highway represents.” 

Not only are they speaking out, but a State Representative is as well. Ben Loring is not happy that this will be running through his district. He suggested that the two senators that proposed this bill actually put it in their district instead of someone else's district. Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell is also not happy with this idea either.

“I don’t want Historic Route 66 called anything except Historic Route 66,” Pinnell said. “I don’t care if you want to call it Mother Teresa Highway or Donald Trump Highway; there is only one thing to call it, and that’s Historic Route 66.” Senator Dahm who proposed the bill says he will not be pursuing this bill anymore. That doesn't mean this highway won't be happening somewhere else in Oklahoma, just not on Route 66.

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