"It's a good time to retire," one owner said. "It's something we've thought about, and this seems as good a time as any. Don't cry for us. No tears."

We have all probably been to a karaoke night at a bar. Trying to remember which bar had karaoke on which night can get kinda confusing. The one place in Wichita Falls that had karaoke every night was Krank It. I had fond memories at this place because it was one of the few places my friends would want to go to when we were under 21.

Sadly, after fifteen years in business Mick Larkin and Tony Horton have decided to close Krank It for good. The second shutdown has forced them to lose a lot of money once again. "With this latest closing, we have had to throw away so much perishable inventory," Larkin told the Times Record News Monday. "I've thrown out a whole machine of margarita mix. I just can't keep shelling out money like this."

Krank It will be missed by many here in Wichita Falls. I know times are tough for these businesses that are being forced to shut down once again. Remember to help out these businesses when you can. I know some are doing to go alcohol or maybe selling gift cards. Do what you can during these times and hopefully this shutdown ends sooner rather than later.

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