A guy at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Texas demonstrated the worst way to deal with law enforcement. 

My experience is the best thing to do when confronted by law enforcement is to simply cooperate with them. It makes for a much better experience for everyone. 

But there are those out there who don’t see it that way.

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My case in point, the guy in the below video. He would rather cuss and scream at the cops, sharing his knowledge of his constitutional rights. The problem is, he doesn’t know his rights as well as he thinks he does. 

That’s why he and his brother found themselves in handcuffs. 

All he had to do was confirm to the officer at the checkpoint that he was an American citizen and he and his brother would have been happily on their way. Instead, he refused to answer the question. 

The thing is, he didn’t just refuse to answer the question. He cussed the officers out, called them names, and flipped them off multiple times. 

So, I guess you could say the dude f***** around and found out.

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