The Fourth of July means celebrating America and it doesn't get more American than stuffing your face with as many hot dogs as possible. Good news for Texas, we got the best doing it in our state.

Joey Chestnut Controversy

In case you have been living under a rock. Joey Chestnut will not be participating in the annual Nathan's Fourth of July hotdog eating competition on Coney Island. This is allegedly due to the fact that Joey signed a sponsorship deal with Impossible Foods promoting their hot dogs. However, Joey says he still planned to eat Nathan's during that Fourth of July competition.

Joey Chestnut is Still Going to Eat Hot Dogs on the Fourth of July

The American eater will be competing against American heroes on the Fourth of July. Joey Chestnut will go against members of the Army stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. According to the Fort Bliss website, Pop Goes the Fort is a free event that is open to the public. So if you want to see Joey Chestnut go to town on some hot dogs. You can plan your holiday trip now.

Pop Goes the Fort Details Below

Besides seeing Joey Chestnut binge hotdogs. Guests can enjoy live music, food, and of course an epic fireworks show. No offense to any member of the Army stationed at Fort Bliss, but best of luck. I don't think you have a chance against Joey. My guess is he will out eat five guys worth of hot dogs to whatever he does. He still holds the record for 76 hot dogs with buns back in 2021.

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