Emo rockers The Funeral Portrait, who just signed on to open a trio of Marilyn Manson headline dates, have been facing some backlash over taking the gig, but in a since deleted tweet, the band's bassist has addressed their reasoning.

Why The Funeral Portrait Are Facing Backlash for Playing With Marilyn Manson

Manson is returning to the music world after facing multiple abuse allegations and lawsuits over the last few years. It started when the singer's former fiancé, actress Evan Rachel Wood, publicly named him as her abuser in February 2021.

Wood's allegations against Manson led several other women to come forward with accusations against the musician afterward. The led to him being dropped by his record label, agency, manager and from the television roles he had in the works.

Over the past few years,  one case against Manson was dismissed, while two others were settled out of court. Meanwhile, much of the musician's defamation suit against Wood was dismissed and Manson was ordered to pay Wood's legal fees.

With Manson largely tied up with legal matters in recent years, he's been notably quiet on the music front. But earlier this year, he announced his concert return, providing support for Five Finger Death Punch on their headline run.

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But with Manson leading performances, even for something as short as three days, the scrutiny on who is playing with him has intensified.

What The Funeral Portrait's Bassist Said

Posting on April 24, bassist Robert Weston responded to those calling out the band for taking the Manson tour dates. "I'm sorry my band that has consistently played 200 cap venues for 7 years + has a chance to open shows in front of thousands of people and people wanna be upset by it," started Weston.

"If you truly know the people we are and you know the grind we've been on, you wouldn't be made," he added. "If what we are doing isn't affecting your life personally, then why get mad about it? You weren't a fan before, and that's fine. No one is forcing anyone to go to these shows."

Weston's comments on the X platform were later deleted, but screenshots have been shared by multiple fans as the discussion over the band taking the dates continues.

What People Are Saying About The Funeral Portrait?

"Yeah, the Funeral Portrait is cooked," noted one X user, who shared screenshots of bassist Robert Weston's comments about why they were playing the tour.

Others chimed in on the social media conversation as well.

"The Funeral Portrait opening for Marilyn Manson??? Embarrassing," responded one person. Another added, "Um, I hope this isn't real and The Funeral Portrait isn't seriously touring with M*nson. Others were more direct in addressing the allegations against the singer while sharing their disappointment.

"I don’t know much about The Funeral Portrait, but this is the weirdest hill to die on," admitted one fan, while another called it "a big yikes" and questioning what kind of fanbase they were courting.

Others dug into more of Weston's commentary and the questions that it raises.

"People need to give The Funeral Portrait more publicity if they’re gonna be mad at them for trying to make money on a controversial show," stated one person. "I get it you want them to be moral. But let’s make them bigger and then they wouldn’t have to do the show."

"I find it fascinating that The Funeral Portrait thinks they can have their cake and eat it too, where they both get to tour with whoever they want despite the moral implications and also prop themselves up as a very soft and kind progressive Tumblr band," added another.

And there was another who voiced their support outright, stating, "So happy for The Funeral Portrait landing an opening slot on the Manson tour!!! They’ve worked so long and hard, they’ve earned it."

About the Marilyn Manson Headline Shows

Earlier this week, Manson announced his first headline shows since 2019. These are three dates separate from the singer's supporting tour with Five Finger Death Punch. Slaughter to Prevail will provide support on the Five Finger Death Punch run and, as of today (May 1), The Funeral Portrait have been added as the opening act on all dates.

The stops include an Aug. 3 show at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Md., an Aug. 17 date at the Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Ill. and a Sept. 1 show at the Grand Sierra Theatre in Reno, Nev. Ticketing is available through Manson's website.

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