Workers in East Texas got creative when it came time to remove an alligator from a drainage ditch. 

I grew up in North Texas, so having an encounter with a gator is quite foreign to me. I’m not sure what I would do other than freak out and take off running if I happened to roll up on one while I was out at the lake. 

But the folks in East Texas have much more experience dealing with alligators.

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Like I said, I wouldn’t do anything other than put some distance between me and the gator in the below video as fast as possible if I saw it in the drainage ditch. Fortunately, some guys with more guts than I have used their grappling truck to relocate that critter. 

One person commenting on the video said they hoped the workers relocated the alligator to some place safe. While I agree, we should probably just be happy that no one pulled a Happy Gilmore on it.

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