Summer has officially arrived and that means it's time to pack those coolers and get the party started! But first, you need to know the proper way to pack that cooler.

While tons of people consider themselves to be an excellent party host, which may be true, many of these host still don't know how to pack their cooler for maximum efficiency.

So here are six tips to get your cooler packed for perfection, that way you can spend your time doing other fun party stuff, like pulling your drunken mother out of the fish pond.

1. Start Early

It never hurts to be prepared and the same holds true when packing your cooler. Start at least 2 hours before your party. This will provide plenty of time for your beer or other beverages to reach the perfect level of cold, without your ice being completely melted.

2. Bagged Ice

Sure your refrigerator may be making ice by the bucket load, but throwing down a few bucks for a bag of ice could be the difference for a successfully packed cooler. The bagged ice will fit better in between you cans/bottle. Plus you may need that ice in the fridge for later.

3. Layers

This may be the most important aspect to your cooler perfection. Without knowing the proper way to layer your cooler you could end up with a mess of ice that you can only force a few cans of beer into. To start, line the bottom of your cooler with cans of beer and then add a layer of ice. Next, throw in a few bottles of beer and maybe a little more ice and then anything extra you would want to be kept could. Ideally you should put wine on top of everything since you don't want it as cold as your beer.

4. Water

If you happen to be in a hurry to cool your beer off or just want to get them a little colder than they are, just pour a pitcher of cool water over the ice. It will help cool everything off quicker than before plus that slushy like mixture of ice and water is perfect for keeping beer ice cold.


5. Backups

It's always nice to have a backup plan and if your party is going the way you planned you're probably going to need more beer at some point. So keep some beer in another cooler or a refrigerator, that way your guests aren't waiting for the beer to cool off.

6. Ice

This is why you don't fill your cooler with ice from the fridge. No one wants to be dipping their hands into a half melted pile of ice that everyone has had their nasty fingers in, so keep some ice in your refrigerator or a backup cooler specifically for people to use in their drinks.

So there you go! Make your party the story of the summer with your legendary cooler packing skills and with the Fourth right around the corner, you have a perfect reason to try out some of these tips!