Thankfully to a group of hardcore comic book nerds like myself, we finally know exactly how much it would cost.

The new Captain America movie will be hitting screens on April 4th and if it is anything like the first one it is going to be amazing. Out of the Avengers cast, I thought the Captain America movie was the best one. In the first movie, I thought Captain America's shield would cost a ridiculous amount of money. I mean it is a lot of money, but I was thinking billions of dollars.

The shield is made out of vibranium, a fictional metal that exists only in the comic books and originates from the African nation, Wakanda. According to issue 607 of Fantastic Four, Reed Richards reveals that vibranium costs $10,000 per gram and, according to the Marvel online database, the superhero's shield weighs 12 pounds. That comes out to a staggering $54,431,100. The guys over at Movie Clips also determined how much money it would cost just to be Captain America.

Check Out How Much it Would Cost to Be Captain America Below: