The force is very strong with these teams.

Four minor league baseball teams have come out with the coolest jerseys I have ever seen in my life. May the 4th has become a holiday for Star Wars nerds, like myself. Also you should say to everyone you meet that day, may the fourth be with you.

The first jersey comes to us from the Durham Bulls, as you can see it is an R2-D2 theme, but one problem.

The Sacramento River Cats also have a R2-D2 themed jersey. I think the River Cats jersey is better because their logo does not cover up any part of R2-D2.

Now we travel over to the dark side for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, rocking some pretty sick Darth Vader jerseys. If only they could force choke their opponents in the game to make the wardrobe complete.

Finally we saved the best one for last in my opinion. The Kane County Cougars amazing Chewbacca jerseys. If only we could somehow get a Boba Fett jersey, with a jetpack on the back. Don't act like you wouldn't want one.