Want some free comic books? Of course you do. 

What a week to be a nerd. May the fourth with all the 'Star Wars' stuff everywhere. Then, this Saturday is free comic book day. I know certain shops may give out several comics on this day. I promise if you go to either of these places, you will receive at least one free comic book tomorrow.

According to the Free Comic Book Day website, only two stores in our area are participating. Hastings, which is hands down one of my favorite stores in Wichita Falls. I could honestly spend hours in that place. Their address is 2801 Southwest Parkway Wichita Falls, TX.

If you want an authentic comic book store experience. Hit up Collectors Den in the Finishing Touch Plaza. They have got everything you need in that place, from comics, to trading cards and games as well. Hit them up at 4020 Rhea Road Suite 4E Wichita Falls, TX.

While you get your free comics, why not pick up some new comics as well? Hook the people up, since they just hooked you up. If you like DC comics, you can never go wrong with Batman. I love what they have done with the 'Batman and Robin' series in the New 52.

If you're more into Marvel. My personal favorites are the Hulk and Punisher. I think Punisher doesn't get the credit he deserves since his movies suck, but definitely check out the comic books.

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