Geeks and nerds came out in full effect like they do every year for San Diego Comic Con. Time to check out the hardcore fans, the cosplayers.

I am so glad these guys made a video like this again. I loved their video from last years comic con. As always with these videos have to give my favorite cosplayers. Gold medal goes to the 90s Joker at the 3:54 mark. Why does he win? The backup guy with the boombox from the 90s Batman movie is what made it for me. Silver medal will go to Raiden at the 1:09 mark. Bronze medal goes to future Doc and Marty at the 18 second mark.

I actually went to my first nerd thing like this last year. It was called Magfest, which stands for music and gaming festival. I got some shots of some cosplayers rocking some Buzz gear. I think it would be cool to go to San Diego Comic Con one year, but I would rather go to E3. That way I could play all the new games coming out.

Check Out the Cosplayers of Magfest Below: