When it comes to the best cities for remote work, you might be surprised to see how Wichita Falls ranks. 

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be winding down, statistics show that remote work is here to stay.  

Personally, I worked almost 100% remotely for the first three months of the pandemic. And while I found that I didn’t prefer it over going into the station, I didn't mind it. And to this day, I continue to work remotely part of the time. 

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Admittedly, working remotely does get kind of lonely, but it has its advantages. For one thing, I’m way more productive when I work from home. I’m pretty disciplined and avoid distractions like working with a TV nearby, so I typically grind away when I work from home. 

It’s also nice to not have to commute. Even though commute time isn’t an issue in Wichita Falls, you do save money on gas. 

So, I can understand why a lot of people insist on working remotely in this day and age. 

With that in mind, Ownerly crunched the numbers to determine which cities in the US are best for remote and five Texas cities made the Top 100. 

Out of those cities, Wichita Falls ranked third best, coming in at Number 52 on the list. 

Our city ranked even better when compared to other cities with populations between 100,000 and 250,000. Wichita Falls was ranked 15th overall among medium-sized cities. 

And when it comes to cities grouped by region, The Falls is ranked 9th best for remote work in the South. 

Not too shabby, huh? 

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