Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket. This cop is taking out the hassle of getting pulled over and just mailing you your ticket. One problem, that's illegal. 

No joke, just got a speeding ticket the other day. Look out for a motorcycle cop chilling on Maplewood near those apartments, across the street from Hunan. You're welcome for that tip. Well one Houston cop has been busting people speeding around his city.

David Carter, an officer on the force since 2002, has been temporarily relieved of duty, meaning he no longer has a badge or police powers during the probe. The department is probing David into some speeding tickets he issued. People began questioning the tickets they received in the mail because they were not in Houston at the time.

One man Emanuel Morfin had this to say. “Actually I was down south in South Texas, so I'm like, well how am I speeding in Houston if I'm out of town? It was kind of ridiculous I was kind of shocked.”

According to David Carters reports, he was also doing this in his personal vehicle. "He's actually making the situation worse, because what he's doing is he's becoming another vehicle flying down at 90 miles an hour and no one knows that he is a police officer,” Larry Karson criminal justice professor said. “All they know it's another crazy person on the highway.”


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