I would recommend being careful around Decatur. They don't take too kindly to speeders there.

A new report has come out from Quote Wizard. They have ranked the best and worst states for the people that have the need for speed. Good news for people with a heavy foot in Texas. We rank number one in the whole country for being speed friendly. So how does that work out?

Well the average speed limit on the highway throughout the state is 80 miles per hour. That ranks for best in the country. The survey also says that Texas ranks 46th for giving out speeding tickets. Pretty good as well.


The report also shows that states with lower average speed limits have a higher rate of speeding tickets and those with higher average speed limits have lower rates of tickets. The average speed limit in the country on the highway is 67.7 miles per hour. So Texas is the place to be if you want to go fast, except in Decatur of course.

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