Some Texans’ commute times are about to get a little longer. 

According to a report by 12 News, the Texas Department of Transportation will be lowering the speed limits on six highways in southeast Texas. The state says it is making the changes for safety reasons.

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TxDOT Spokesperson Sarah Dupre had this to say about the changes: 

"We're looking at several different speed limits throughout our area. We're trying to improve safety throughout Southeast Texas.” 

I know there are plenty of folks who will be angry about the lower speed limits and trust me, I get it. But you’re a Texan, so you probably already drive at least ten miles per hour over the speed limit anyway. 

I mean, they don’t say speed limits in Texas are just a suggestion for nothing. 

In most cases, the speed limit will only be lowered by five miles per hour. A couple of the highways’ speed limits will be lowered by ten miles per hour. 

Which Texas highways will now have slower speed limits? 

  • Highway 347 to Du Pont Road- 70 mph to 65 mph 
  • Highway 69 to Highway 73- 75 mph to 70 mph 
  • I10 from 9th street in Downtown Beaumont to Neches River- 65 mph to 55 mph 
  • Highway 90 from Wescalder to Dowlen Road- 50 mph to 45 mph 
  • I10 Old Hwy 90 to west Rose City- 75 mph to 70 mph 
  • Highway 87 between west Port Arthur and Sabine Pass- 65 mph to 55 mph

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