I have driven by this place dozens of times and finally decided to stop in. I'm sure glad I did.

If you're driving from Dallas to Wichita Falls, you may have seen a sign for a winery called Brushy Creek Vineyards. I drive by it and I say the same thing every time. I'm gonna stop in there one day. The problem, when I am coming back to Wichita Falls it is ALWAYS late at night.

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This past weekend, I was helping a friend move and had to get there early. So on our way back to the Falls, I forced us to stop. I am finally going to try this place. It's just off Highway 287. On the other side of 287, the Burger King/ Exxon is in the area, just so you know where I am talking about.

I pull up and you can see where they grow the grapes for the wine. It's a very lovely piece of property. I pull up to their tasting room and it looks closed. Damn, I'm never gonna try this place. I saw a sign on the door to call a number and that is when I got a hold of Ann. She came out of the house next door and opened the tasting room for us.


It's a small tasting room, but with a lovely outdoor area. If the weather was nicer I would have sat out there, but still a little chilly this past Sunday. Just hung out in the tasty room with Ann and heard the story of the winery. It was her husband's dream to start this place.

Throughout the years, their wines have won several awards throughout the state of Texas, including some at the Red River Beer and Wine Festival right here in Wichita Falls. I think I tried every wine she had to offer and I enjoyed all of them. Sadly while hearing the story of the winery I learned Ann's husband passed away a couple years ago.

It's her and a small staff keeping that place running. I'm a sucker for anybody trying to keep a small business afloat so I bought a case of wine from her and this awesome wine holder. It's currently sitting in my kitchen showing off the awesome new wine.

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Basically, I'm just trying to say, if you're anything like me, you have driven by this place many times throughout the years. If you're driving by during the day, stop on by for a second. Sample some wine, maybe just pickup a bottle on your way back home, or stop on by to say Hi to Ann. She was a very nice lady and it made my day for me having to get up early on a Sunday to help a friend.

Just wanted to say, I also support our local wineries as well. Check out Horseshoe Bend, 6th Street, Hook and Ladder, and OG Cellars now with a tasting room in downtown Wichita Falls. Support them all when you can, I now have another one to add to my list of favorites and I can't wait to go back to Brushy Creek.

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