A terrifying moment was caught on video when a hang-glider pilot in Switzerland forgot to strap in an American tourist during their tandem flight.

The tourist, Chris Gursky, shared the video that begins with he and the pilot getting a running start off the side of a 4,000-foot mountain. Soon after, Chris is holding on for dear life with his left hand on the metal bar and his right hand on the pilot. His right hand eventually slips off of the pilot, but he's able to grab his leg.

They spend two minutes and fourteen seconds in the air before making a rough landing.

Chris ended up with a broken wrist and a torn bicep. He underwent surgery on his wrist where doctors inserted a titanium plate and seven screws.

Even though he narrowly escaped death, he said he plans to go hang-gliding again as he didn’t get to enjoy his first flight.

Personally, that would’ve been my first – and last – hang-gliding experience.

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