Butt hurt Sooners fans incoming with their comments.

The Red River Rivalry will be meeting up once again for the Big 12 Championship game. The game earlier this year was a high scoring affair with the Longhorns winning 48-45. Looks like we're gonna do this thing again on Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Oklahoma better be smart and not get a dumb penalty on Saturday.

Apparently the Big 12 has come down and said that any Sooners doing the horns down gesture will draw a fifteen yard penalty. I believe they're calling it the penalty for taunting, baiting or ridiculing an opponent verbally. This is technically not verbal, but some would consider it taunting. West Virginia was penalized twice in a game early this year for doing it to the Longhorns.

Sooner head coach Lincoln Riley asked for clarification on the rule and was told by the Big 12 this week, if Oklahoma does this, they will be penalized. I for one don't think it should be a penalty. However, I do think Oklahoma needs their own hand sign. Stop having Texas on your mind at every game. I'm not a Longhorn fan by any means, but Oklahoma can't get Texas our of their minds during every game they play.

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