A couple in North Texas is suing Fort Worth Fertility clinic after it was revealed that their children were not biologically related to their father.

Camille and Derrick Bryan turned to the clinic for in vitro fertilization, but unfortunately, the clinic twice used the wrong sperm to fertilize Camille's eggs.

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Camille had her eggs harvested, and Derrick had his sperm collected, resulting in a successful embryo placement and the birth of two children.

It wasn't until a pediatrician noticed a birthmark on their son that's most common in children of Asian descent, despite neither parent having any Asian heritage, that the couple decided to get a DNA test.

In August 2022, DNA results revealed that neither child was biologically related to Derrick, prompting the Bryans to seek legal action against the clinic. The couple is suing six defendants, alleging negligence, and seeking an unspecified amount of monetary damages.

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