This old lady had a mission and not even the police were gonna stop her. 

Nancy Strader of Denton, Texas was out and about this past Thursday morning. She was trying to go get a cup of coffee. Police were trying to pull her over because they were getting calls about a similar vehicle driving in circles and driving down the wrong side of the road. Nancy didn't care about those flashing lights in her rearview, she was getting that coffee.

She took police on a 25 mph chase through Denton, Texas. Police eventually pulled her over and you're not gonna believe this. Nancy pulled away from the cops. The officer said he was just checking on her and then "Don't do it," the officer ordered. "Don't. Stop! Stop the car!"

Nancy drove around for another ten minutes before being pulled over again. The cops weren't messing around this time. They slashed her tires so she couldn't drive away and broke her window to stop her from driving away again. "Nancy, why didn't you stop?" one of them asked as she sat on the ground. "Why didn't you just open the door when I knocked on the window back there?"

Nancy then had probably the greatest quote I have ever heard from a suspect. "Why should I stop when I've done nothing?" Remember kids, DO NOT DO THIS! If a cop is pulling you over and you have done nothing. Pull over! Figure out what the situation is and then go about your day.

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